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Description of Working Group: 

Welcome to the homepage for the IETF Provider Provisioned Virtual Private Networks(PPVPN) WG. This site is hosted by Nortel Networks. 

This working group is responsible for defining and specifying a limited number of sets of solutions for supporting provider-provisioned virtual private networks (PPVPNs). The work effort will include the development of a framework document, a service requirements document and several individual technical approach documents that group technologies together to specify specific VPN service offerings.

The working group is expected to consider at least three specific approaches including BGP-VPNs (e.g. RFC 2547), virtual routers and port-based VPNs (i.e., where the SP provides a Layer 2 interface, such as Frame Relay or ATM, to the VPN customer, while using IP-based mechanisms in the provider infrastructure to improve scalability and configurability over traditional L2 networks). Multiple approaches are being developed as each approach has particular characteristics and differing scope of applicability.

The working group will consider inter-AS (SP) VPN interconnects so that VPNs are able to span multiple ASs (SPs).

Coordination with the IETF PWE3 and ITU-T efforts will be ensured.

Marco Carugi   
Rick Wilder